Services for Best Airport Performance

conpros’ deep insight in the aviation service business combined with operational management and leading edge technology expertise delivers added value:

By optimizing operational performance for whatever improvement the increased efficiency shall be traded-in: reducing costs, accelerating turnarounds, achieving often challenging SLAs, improving on OTP, lowering MCT, maximizing capacity utilization or assuring the business profitability.

By supporting in becoming a data-driven / BI-driven company adapting innovative technologies (intuitive integration, predictive analytics, big data, machine learning, mobile, cloud, …) to your needs and integrating them with business processes, daily workflows and HR to introduce true performance management.

By supporting system projects bridging the gap between users and ICT from requirements capture and tendering to PMO services and successful going-live, assuring that the users will receive the solution they need based on future-proven standards and technology delivered by the contracted supplier within the agreed framework.

Depending on the initial business process maturity the achievable saving potential in operations by individually optimized concepts, planning and agility is typically between 15% and 30%.


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